Summer Doctoral Fellowship


The Graduate College is now accepting applications from doctoral students in all graduate programs for Summer 2024. Note that students who have Summer 2024 appointments at or above the campus minimum level are not eligible for the Summer Doctoral Fellowship. These awards of up to $8,167 provide stipend support for doctoral students who do not have summer appointments or who do not have appointments at the campus minimum stipend rate.​

Students awarded a Summer 2024 Fellowship will be expected to apply to present their scholarship at one of the upcoming year’s Spark! Symposia sponsored by the Graduate College or at an appropriate disciplinary conference/symposium. All students will be required to submit a final report on the value/impact of this opportunity for their dissertation work or career trajectory. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. LaRuth McAfee.

NOTE: If you were planning to request funding for travel related to your research activities, please apply for the Graduate College’s Graduate Student Travel Award.


March 19, 2024

Applications must be submitted by Noon on March 19, 2024

Application Instructions

To be considered, a student must provide the following information:

  1. General information – official name, student ID number, graduate program, and UD e-mail address
  2. Milestones met – sustaining status (yes already / yes by the end of Spring 2024 / after Spring 2024) and approval of dissertation proposal (yes already / yes by the end of Spring 2024 / after Spring 2024)
  3. Summer 2024 funding situation – appointments arranged or in consideration for Summer 2024, including paid non-student roles, and expected pre-tax stipend/payments
  4. 3000-character summary of research plans for Summer 2024, written in a way that someone outside of your discipline will understand and appreciate your contributions to the field
  5. Current resume/CV
  6. Support letter from an advisor – also written in a way that someone outside of the discipline will understand, this letter should highlight the relevance of your research activities to the field and how the planned Summer 2024 activities are important to your progress toward the doctoral degree and preparation for your future career plans.  The letter should additionally include a brief mentoring plan that describes how the advisor will be available to support your proposed research activities in Summer 2024. You may upload a letter if the faculty is comfortable providing it to you, or you should upload a statement indicating that the faculty member will send the letter directly to Senior Assistant Dean LaRuth McAfee ( if that is the faculty member’s preference.
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