Graduate Student Organization Registration & Funding Requests

Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) greatly enhance the graduate student experience by providing opportunities to connect with a community of students who share common interests and goals. Whether those interests are related to culture, sports, or advocacy, GSOs enable students to engage in activities that promote personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build community.


Register a New Organization or Update a Current Organization

To become an official UD Graduate Student Organization (GSO) you must register your organization with the Graduate College.  All GSOs must register every year to stay in good standing.

Registration for new GSOs is currently closed.

Automated update requests for current organizations are sent biannually on Aug. 15 and Feb. 15. To make updates to an organization outside of that schedule, please contact Johanna Voznak at

Funding Your Graduate Student Organization

Operational Budgets: Operational (aka “base”) budgets supply funds for the general operation of your organization. Examples of operational funding categories may include: group promotional materials, catering for group meetings, social or other events for group members, software or other materials needed for the operation of the organization, etc. GSOs in need of operational funding must apply each year. Funds do not carry over to the next fiscal year. Please note that the maximum operational budget award is $800.00 per fiscal year (July-June).

The funding committees will hold two rounds of review for operational budget requests, one in fall and one in spring. Organizations that apply in fall do not need to re-apply in spring as the award received in Fall is for the entire year. The Spring deadline is designed for new organizations, those who miss the Fall deadlines, or those who only need funds during Spring/Summer. 

In order to receive an operational budget for the academic year, your organization must be in good standing with the University. Please update your leadership and member information each year to remain active and in good standing. 

Fall Operational Budget Applications are due September 15.

Spring Operational Budget Applications are due February 15.

A GSO may also request supplementary funding for an event that was not incorporated into the initial base budget for the academic year.

Supplemental Event Funding Requests: Event supplemental funding is currently unavailable.

Operational budget and supplemental request application form

If you have questions regarding your organization’s status or budget, please reach out to Johanna Voznak at or visit our main webpage for funding eligibility and criteria.

The Graduate College will follow all University of Delaware masking and distancing guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our students. COVID-19 Guidelines can be found here.

Please use no-cost social media options such as Twitter, Facebook pages, or Instagram to broadcast information about your Graduate Student Organization (GSO). When you submit your form to update your leadership roster, be sure to include a link to your Facebook page or website. Students reviewing the list of GSOs can click on your group’s name and will be directed to your Facebook page, website, or Instagram site. Zoom webinars can be held at no cost to your group for virtual meetings.

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