Competitive Counteroffer Program

Part of the University of Delaware Graduate College’s vision is to support graduate programs in recruiting and retaining the best students. To this end, we have created a new opportunity to help doctoral programs attract top prospective students who have received attractive funding offers from other institutions. This opportunity, Competitive Counteroffers, will provide prospective students with a one-time $5,000 award at the beginning of their first year of graduate school. The Graduate College expects to make up to 50 offers in the current fiscal year.

If you have a top prospective student who has informed you of an attractive offer from a competitive program and you believe this opportunity could make the difference in the student choosing UD, please consider nominating the student for a Competitive Counteroffer. Each doctoral program may submit up to three nominations, and the Graduate College will provide a decision within five business days. Submissions should come from the program director or program coordinator. In your nomination, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Submitter’s name and email address
  • Prospective student’s name, UD ID number, and email address in their graduate application
  • Comment on the academic strengths and other qualities that this student would bring to your program. Where would you rank this student among the current students admitted to your program?
  • Upload of the student’s competing offer letter
  • Upload of the student’s UD funding offer letter
  • Comment on the relative strengths of the competing offer (university, program, research area, faculty, funding, or other considerations important to the student) and how those compare to your offer
  • Why you believe a Competitive Counteroffer will increase your chances of getting this student
  • Upload of the program’s mentoring plan/expectations (can be the same as what you’ve prepared for the various Graduate College fellowships/awards)

Nominate a Student

Questions about this opportunity may be directed to LaRuth McAfee (, Senior Assistant Dean of the Graduate College

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