Professional Development Award Application Form

Participation in professional conferences is essential to the academic development of graduate students in all disciplines. It affords opportunities for professional networking and exposure to research underway at other institutions in addition to providing graduate students with opportunities to share their own research-in-progress with scholarly communities nationally and globally.

The Graduate College’s Professional Development Awards help University of Delaware graduate students participate in significant professional conferences. Departmental cost-share is a requirement. Proposals from students who have received invitations to present their work at national and international conferences are a higher priority for Graduate College funding than requests to support participation in regional conferences. Conference presentations related to research on teaching and/or research on higher education administration are eligible for support through this internal grant program.

The deadline for application for a travel award is one month prior to the beginning of travel. Awards are limited to one per academic year and to two awards during the course of graduate study. The student must conform to University Travel Policy on allowable travel reimbursements.

Policies and Procedures

  1. A student must have a paper or poster accepted for presentation. A copy of the acceptance letter or other confirmation documentation must be provided, as well as a tentative title. In the case of multiple authors, only one student per presentation is eligible for funding.
  2. The amount of support will be based on the quality of the application and the level of conference participation up to a maximum of $500. These grants are competitive and full funding is not guaranteed. The applicant’s department or college must match the award offered by the Graduate College for at least $300. The departmental match must not be from research grant travel monies, but must be from other departmental resources. Please note: It is fully anticipated that those students receiving external grants that support conference costs will utilize those funds first towards their conference participation.
  3. The student must submit a detailed budget for the proposed travel and include information outlining projected costs. Applicants should budget for the least costly mode of travel and lodging. Students should also pool resources whenever possible; for example if a number of students within a department are attending the same conference, then carpooling should be considered. The funds may not be used for meal expenses.
  4. Within two weeks of the completion of this conference you will be required to upload actual expenses amounts to the Professional Development Summary Form. Original receipts are to be submitted to your department.
  5. Contribute to our Research Travel Blog by creating an engaging 300 word summary statement/blog entry that will be showcased on the Graduate College website. The target audience of your blog will be the public and highlight the benefits of professional development in regards to your graduate research.
  6. We also request up to 5 images illustrating your experience to accompany your blog. These images should be the highest resolution and will become the property of the University of Delaware. We request one of these images to be of yourself, i.e. a selfie, at your conference venue. These images may appear in other media: credit will be given to the author if used. The University of Delaware Graduate College reserves the right to edit any summary statement/blog entry and usage of submission is not guaranteed. Click here to upload your Professional Development Summary.
  7. The academic department will then be notified of the speedtype and the amount of financial support from our office. Submission of original receipts to department, reconciliation of charges in Works and submission of reports are to be completed within two weeks of return from conference.


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Professional Development Award Application Form



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Estimated Expenses

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Funding Sources


Department Contribution

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The applicant’s department or college must match the award offered by the Graduate College for at least $300. The departmental match must not be from research grant travel monies, but must be from other departmental resources.


Amount requested from the Office of Graduate and Professional Education

This award request may not exceed $500.




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