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Graduation Policies

For a graduate student, the university degree requirements are those identified in the Graduate Catalog and the departmental requirements as stated in the Program Policy Statement effective at the time of admission. If the requirements change during the time the graduate student is enrolled, the graduate student can choose, but is not required, to abide by the “new” requirements.


Application for Advanced Degree

The Graduate College is the official degree audit officer for all graduate degrees and certificates that are awarded. All graduate students must file an Application for Advanced Degree in order for the degree to be awarded. The deadline for degree application is September 15 for December degree conferral, December 15 for Winter degree conferral, February 15 for May degree conferral, and May 15 for August degree conferral. The completed and signed degree application form to the Office of Graduate and Professional Education with payment (you may attach a personal check made payable to the University of Delaware or pay at the Cashier’s Office.) The Master’s fee is $50; Ph.D., D.P.T. and Ed.D. fee is $95.


Thesis and Dissertation

The final version of the thesis/dissertation/executive position paper must be submitted electronically as an ETD to the Graduate College as stated by the official deadline. The student should follow the procedures given in “GRADUATION: Step-by-Step”


Important COVID-19 Updates: Updated guidance for graduate students and postdocs | More Information

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