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Funding Policies

Tuition Scholarships for Research, Teaching, Assistants and Fellows

The University of Delaware may provide tuition scholarships to full-time graduate students who are awarded stipends for an entire semester/academic year as a research, teaching, or graduate assistant or fellow. These scholarships are generally available in graduate programs that admit students with funding, regardless of funding source; details of commitment and duration are provided in offer letters. Graduate departments and programs select the recipients of these awards, where available, based on the students’ qualifications. The stipulations of the tuition scholarship policy are:

  • The stipend must be at least equivalent to the university minimum graduate stipend:
    • $21,000 for Ph.D. students for 2019-2020; $20,000 for Master’s students for 2019-2020

    • $21,000 for Ph.D. students for 2020-2021; $20,000 for Master’s students for 2020-2021
  • A tuition scholarship is awarded with the stipend
  • Should a student leave the University after the free drop/add period of the semester of an appointment, the stipend will be immediately terminated. The tuition scholarship originally accompanying the stipend will become the responsibility of the student unless an appeal is presented in writing and approved by the Graduate College. If the appeal is approved, the tuition scholarship will continue to be applied to the student’s account and will not be available to be awarded to another student in that semester;
  • Students who receive 100% of the minimum stipend and a 100% tuition scholarship are limited to an average of no more than 20 working hours per week within the University and may not hold additional employment on or off campus.  The Dean’s permission is required for any exception to this policy.  Students who receive a departmental tuition scholarship only (no stipend) may accept additional work on or off campus.
  • The recipients of these awards are eligible for coverage by the University’s Student Health Insurance at a significantly reduced cost.

Revised 07/27/2020


Payment as a Fellow or an Assistant

All payments to Graduate students require the approval of the Graduate College.

All Graduate Students (full-time and part-time) are paid on semi-monthly payroll. In fall and spring, students are paid on a JED if tuition is connected to the payment. If there is no tuition connected to the work, graduate students are paid semi-monthly using Time and Attendance Additional Assignment Form. All graduate students must use direct deposit for their salary payments.

US citizens who are students may work no more than 29.5-hrs/week within the University.

Non-US citizens, according to INS regulations, are limited during the Fall and Spring semesters to working 20-hrs/week within the University. During Winter Session, holidays, and Summer Session, non-US citizens may work up to 29.5 hours per week on campus.



The federal government requires the University to withhold state and federal income taxes on all salary paid to graduate students. (Fellowships are an exception and stipends from fellowships are not assessed state and federal income tax.) FICA and Medicare taxes are not withheld if a graduate student is registered at least half-time in the semester of the payment. Half-time is defined as a minimum of 5 graduate credits in fall and spring and 3 graduate credits in summer. Payroll taxes are not withheld or charged on the value of a tuition scholarship.

Graduate students who are less than half-time or any graduate student paid during a time when not attending classes are subject to all payroll taxes, including FICA and Medicare.


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