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MPP (Master of Public Policy) MPP, 4+1

Business & Economics


Health Sciences

Social & Behavioral Sciences


The Master of Public Policy (MPP) in the Biden School of Public Policy & Administration at the University of Delaware provides advanced analytic and substantive knowledge of public policy to educate professionals for work in the public, private, and non-profit sectors on issues of public concern at all levels, local to global.

The MPP trains students to analyze complex policies and craft solutions that will effectively address the most pressing problems facing our society. This interdisciplinary degree draws from multiple fields of study, including economics, political science, sociology, psychology, education, law, history, and public health.

The MPP focuses on professional skills in public policy analysis, evaluation, and communication. It also allows students to study a policy area of interest in-depth with possible specialties including urban policy, social policy, emergency management, health policy.

UD Tuition:

The 2020-2021 UD published graduate student tuition rate per credit hour:

Public Policy – MPP: $1,898.00

Public Policy – MPP
  DE Resident: $949.00;   US Student: $1,233.70;   International: $1,708.20

Application Deadline:

August-15 Final deadline to apply

December-01 Final deadline to apply

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