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Water Science & Policy PhD, MS


Environmental Studies

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The interdisciplinary program in Water Science & Policy educates students to address the complex challenges that we face today; to develop solutions that are socially acceptable, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable; and to be true stewards of our environment.

Our cadre of top-notch faculty represents many disciplines — hydrology, geology, geography, plant and soil sciences, microbiology, ecology, engineering, economics, and public policy, to name a few — but we share a common vision. We aim to better understand water and its relationship to Earth’s diverse systems and to better manage and protect our precious water resources.

By choosing to study Water Science & Policy at the University of Delaware, you will be begin an exciting intellectual journey that will challenge you to synthesize knowledge from a number of different fields. No matter what aspect of water you choose as your research focus, you’ll be encouraged to look at how it intertwines with other natural and human aspects of water quality and quantity.

The Water Science & Policy Program offers three degree options:

  • A Ph.D. with a water science concentration (36 credits),
  • A Ph.D. with a water policy concentration (36 credits), and
  • A Master of Science with thesis (30 credits)

For both the Ph.D. and the M.S. degrees, you must take courses across five categories, which include the following:

  • Physical science
  • Chemical/biological science
  • Policy
  • Research methods
  • Statistics and analysis

UD Tuition:

The 2020-2021 UD published graduate student tuition rate per credit hour:

Water Science and Policy–MS (CANR): $1,898.00

Water Science and Policy–MS (CAS): $1,898.00

Water Science and Policy–MS (CEOE): $1,898.00

Water Science and Policy–MS (COE): $1,898.00

Water Science and Policy–PHD (CANR): $1,898.00

Water Science and Policy–PHD (CAS): $1,898.00

Water Science and Policy–PHD (CEOE): $1,898.00

Water Science and Policy–PHD (COE): $1,898.00


Application Deadline:

February-01 To be considered for departmental funding
August-15: Final deadline to apply

October-01 To be considered for departmental funding
December-01 Final deadline to apply

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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Biden School of Public Policy

Mark Rieger, Dean

Shreeram Inamdar,
Graduate Director



Important COVID-19 Updates: Updated guidance for graduate students and postdocs | More Information

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