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MPA (Public Administration) MPA, BA/MPA, 4+1


Social & Behavioral Sciences


The program in public administration is offered by the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration. The mission of the Master of Public Administration program is to provide diverse, talented graduate students with specific competencies for leadership and management, including the knowledge, skills and values essential to accountable and effective practice.

The MPA program contributes directly to solutions to public challenges of our times through research and public service projects that involve students in experiential learning. The program also seeks to develop relationships with practitioners, fostering a professional focus and approach to public administration and non-profit management and furthering the values of the field.

The 36-credit curriculum is divided into core subjects, areas of specialization, an internship and a writing assignment. The core curriculum deals with ideas and concepts related to the field of public administration, human resources management, public financial management, management decision making, quantitative analysis, information technology for public managers, organizational leadership, administrative/employment law, and public economics.

Specialization areas include Nonprofit Management, Public Management, and Policy and Program Development. Within these broad specializations, students focus in a topic area such as state/local management, educational policy, environmental and energy management, planning and infrastructure, international affairs, public policy analysis, financial management, and health policy and management. With the approval of their academic advisor and the MPA program director, students may design their own area of specialization.

Students must research, write and defend a management or policy brief under the direction of a faculty committee. With the approval of the MPA Program Director, qualified practitioners may also participate on these committees.

All MPA candidates must complete a professional-level internship (unless it is waived by the Internship Coordinator). Typically, internships are with governmental agencies, community organizations, advocacy groups, nonprofit institutions, or for-profit organization engaged in the public good. Upon approval of the faculty, students may pursue a thesis in lieu of an internship.

Traditional master’s degree students can complete the MPA program in 2 years of full time study. Part-time and online options are also available. Current UD undergraduates can be considered for admission to the 4+1 BA in Public Policy/MPA or the 4+1 BS in Organizational & Community Leadership/MPA. For more information see

UD Tuition:

The 2020-2021 UD published graduate student tuition rate per credit hour:

Public Administration–MPA: $1,898.00

Public Administration–MPA
  DE Resident: $949.00;   US Student: $1,233.70;   International: $1,708.20

Application Deadline:

January-15 To be considered for departmental funding
August-15: Final deadline to apply

February-13 Final deadline to apply

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