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Historic Preservation CERT



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The Certificate Program in Historic Preservation program emphasizes the theory and practice of historic preservation and development of the technical skills to carry out a professional career in the field. The 12-credit-hour program prepares professionals for the successful practice of historic preservation in public, private, and non-profit venues and can be pursued full or part time. Students learn the role of historic preservation in urban and rural settings, and develop skills in analysis and documentation of historic resources, practice in preservation planning, contextual research design, and advocacy for historic resources. The program is designed to meet the needs of both traditional graduate and advanced undergraduate students and working professionals, with graduates having the skills and knowledge to work with a wide variety of populations and in diverse settings.

UD Tuition:

The 2020-2021 UD published graduate student tuition rate per credit hour:

Historic Preservation Certificate: $1,898.00

Historic Preservation Certificate
  DE Resident: $949.00;   US Student: $1,233.70;   International: $1,708.20

Application Deadline:

August-15 Final deadline to apply

January-31 Final deadline to apply

Applications to the Certificate Program occur on a rolling basis. Students currently enrolled in other graduate programs at UD are welcome to apply at any point in their course of study.

* International applicants are not eligible to obtain a US student visa solely with an acceptance to a UD Graduate Certificate program. Certificates may be added by full-time matriculated graduate students.

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