Applied Bioinformatics Online CERT

The Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Bioinformatics is offered by the Center for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (CBCB) at the University of Delaware (UD) as a graduate level program ideally suited for working professionals who wish to gain knowledge and practical experience in bioinformatics. Building on the core curriculum of UD’s MS, PSM and PhD bioinformatics degree programs, the Online Graduate Certificate will allow students to gain core competency in bioinformatics for real-world applications from genomic medicine to agriculture

UD Tuition:

The 2018-19 UD published graduate student tuition rate per credit hour:

Applied Bioinformatics Certificate (Online): $1100

*UD Deans may offer scholarships in specific programs that may reduce the per credit costs.

Applied Bioinformatics Certificate (Online)
  DE Resident: $1,100.00;   US Student: $1,100.00;   International: $1,100.00

Application Deadline:

September-11 Final deadline to apply

FALL: Applications accepted up to first day of classes.
SPRING: Applications accepted up to first day of classes.

* International applicants are not eligible to obtain a US student visa solely with an acceptance to a UD Graduate Certificate program. Certificates may be added by full-time matriculated graduate students.

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