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The Minerals, Materials and Society (MMS) program is one of the first programs of its kind in the United States to offer a for-credit graduate certificate aimed at industry, government and civil society professionals working across mineral and extractive supply chains. The program approaches the topic from an interdisciplinary and industrial ecology perspective with attention to key skills needed to evaluate the environmental and social impacts of the sector. We are committed to a science-based approach to the topic but with respect for multiple normative perspectives from industry, government and civil society.

The program has a hybrid content delivery design with program participants being able to choose online offerings from our education partner, the University of Queensland’s Master in Responsible Resource Development program, or from on-campus, interdisciplinary ‘intensives’ offered during the Winter and Summer sessions. An ‘experiential learning’ field course is required, allowing the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of supply chain issues.

UD Tuition:

The 2020-2021 UD published graduate student tuition rate per credit hour:

Minerals, Materials and Society–Certificate: $1,100.00

Minerals, Materials and Society–Certificate
  DE Resident: $1,100.00;   US Student: $1,100.00;   International: $1,100.00

Application Deadline:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

* International applicants are not eligible to obtain a US student visa solely with an acceptance to a UD Graduate Certificate program. Certificates may be added by full-time matriculated graduate students.

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College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Estella Atekwana, Dean

Delphis F. Levia,
Department Chair

Saleem H. Ali,
Graduate Director

Kelli Kerbawy,
Assistant Dean of Graduate Services



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