Payroll Deduction

All Full-Time Graduate Students on Contract are responsible for three mandatory fees – the Student Center Fee, the Student Health Service Fee, and the Graduate Recreation Fee for the Fall 2020 semester as well as a Mandatory Medical Insurance fee (if it is not waived). International Students must pay an additional International Student Fee . Students can arrange to have these fees paid incrementally through a stipend reduction over the course of 4 pay periods by completing the Pay General Deduction form.

To complete this form:

  1. The form can be accessed either by using the button below these instructions or by finding the PAY General Deduction form in the BLANKS tab of your UD Web Forms. Students will not be able to use the form until their start date of 9/1 is in HR payroll.
  2. Once you are signed into the CAS system the form will display your Name & Employee ID as the Form Originator, and the Employee Information. If the information is not correct, logout and sign back in.
  3. In the Deduction Options section of the form, use the dropdown to select Student Fees (A/RSTU) and click “Next Step.”
  4. On the next page of the form, the terms of the deduction will be be displayed. These include:
    1. Effective Date: This date will default to the start of the semester the deduction will be applied to, (i.e., 9/1/XXXX = Fall, 2/1/XXX = Spring), and cannot be changed.
    2. Fee will apply to: This will display the name of the semester (Fall or Spring) and cannot be changed.
    3. Pay Schedule: This will default to Semimonthly Other, and cannot be changed.
  5. Use the checkboxes to indicate which Student Fees you wish to apply the payroll deduction. The Per pay Amount will default to the TOTAL of the fees selected, divided over 4 pay periods .
  6. Click the Finish & Submit button to send the form to Payroll for processing
  7. Once you have submitted the form, verify that you have submitted the Graduate Payroll Deduction Form by reporting additional credits on the “My Finances” page.


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