Doctoral Internship Award


The Graduate College believes that internship experiences enhance our students’ graduate education, broaden their knowledge of career options and prepare them for success in desired career paths.

As part of our commitment to prepare students from all backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, and identities for success in a variety of careers, the Graduate College offers funding to support full-time internships that are three months or less in duration. Funding can be used for travel to and from the internship sites, living expenses, and other expenses not covered by the internship. Internships can be within for-profit organizations, laboratories, or industry research and development groups; start-up businesses; all levels of government agencies and national laboratories; policy think tanks; and non-profit organizations.

Interested applicants should complete the award application as soon as the internship opportunity becomes available, preferably at least two months prior to the start of the internship. Students who receive the award will be required to submit a final report on the value/impact of this opportunity for their dissertation work or career trajectory within 30 days of completing the internship. Additionally, they are expected to present their research or training experience at the next Graduate Research Forum.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Suprawee Tepsuporn


Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled University of Delaware doctoral students in sustaining status.
  • Applicants must be in good academic standing.
  • International graduate students are eligible to apply for the award. Students should meet with the Office for International Students and Scholars to determine their individual internship eligibility and understand the process for Optional Practical Training (OPT) approval. Under no circumstances should an international student begin an internship without consulting with OISS, as receiving compensation for an internship without the appropriate authorization can risk your immigration status.
  • Priority is given to students who will be doing an internship for the first time during their graduate training.

Each application will be reviewed by multiple independent reviewers. Reviewers will use internship learning agreement, letter of support, and other appropriate materials as the basis for awarding the funding.


Not Eligible for Funding

  • Programs that include a fee or tuition to participate, including study abroad, summer business accelerators, etc.
  • Research opportunities or projects mentored by a UD Faculty member.
  • Internships that are required to complete a degree program.
  • Part-time internships
  • Entrepreneurial projects. Please connect with the Horn Center for Entrepreneurship for support.


Application Instructions

To be considered for the doctoral internship award, please complete the application form below, and submit the following items as a single PDF:/p>

  1. Applicant’s resume
  2. A short essay (300 words maximum) describing the applicant’s motivation for undertaking this internship.
  3. Internship Learning Agreement. We strongly recommend that applicants work with their internship supervisors on the learning agreement before submitting a final version to the Graduate College. This will ensure that applicants can address any important questions or issues before the internship begins.
  4. Budget justification. Budgets should describe expected costs to participate in the internship and any sources of other funding. Typical awards from the Graduate College will aim to make total funding comparable to graduate assistant stipends, prorated to the period of the internship.
    1. Describe how each budget line was researched and estimated.
    2. Describe how you will maximize your budget.
    3. Explain how receiving a doctoral internship award is important to your ability to complete the internship.
  5. A statement describing any additional financial assistance such as departmental and/or external funding source that the applicant will also receive for the internship.
  6. Letter of support from applicant’s dissertation advisor describing the advisor’s understanding of how internship experience will enhance the applicant’s graduate training, research scholarship, and career development. The letter should also elaborate the advisor’s expectation of technical skills and/or competencies the applicant will develop during the internship.
  7. If applicable, OPT application confirmation letter from Office for International Students and Scholars


Internship Learning Agreement

  1. Please describe the organization you will be working with.
  2. Please provide a description of the internship project
  3. How is the internship project relevant to your doctoral training? How does the internship integrate with or complement your learning goals at UD?
  4. What type of competencies (e.g. knowledge, skills) do you expect to develop?
  5. How is the internship project of strategic significance to the host organization?
  6. What type of orientation or resources will the host organization be providing you (e.g. workspace, access to equipment, training, etc.)?
  7. Will there be a deliverable? What is the due date?
  8. Please state your academic plan upon returning to graduate school at the end of your internship (e.g. complete course work, return to dissertation lab).

Submit all supporting documentation as a single PDF.

Your application may not be considered if supporting documentation is not submitted as one continuous document.



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