Tuition Rates

GRADUATE TUITION RATES (Effective Fall 2021)

This graduate tuition plan establishes a base tuition rate of $950 per credit but offers some rate exceptions as listed below. Base rate exceptions include tuitions that are higher or lower than the base due to various factors, including competitive market research, program focus and historical enrollment success, and program type (e.g., degree vs. non-degree). Over 90% of our programs fall under the base rate.

Sustaining tuition fee each semester for master’s students is $741 and doctoral students is $1,118. U.S. citizens may apply for Stafford Loans. You must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) no later than March 15 (February 1st is preferred) with the Financial Aid Office (302-831-8761) to be considered for a Federal Stafford Loan.

International Students: See ISSS Cost of Attendance for more information.

The rate for a specific program can be found on that program’s webpage on the main Graduate College website

Rate Table

Base $950
Civil Engineering – M.C.E, Ph.D. (CE-MCE, CE-PHD) $1,898**
Computer Science – M.S., Ph.D. (CIS-MS, CIS-PHD) $1,898
Electrical and Computer Engineering – Ph.D. (ECEG-PHD) $1,898**
Speech-Language Pathology – M.A. (SLP-MA) $1,898*
Teaching English as a Second Language – M.A. (TESL-MA) $1,898
Public Health (Epidemiology Concentration) – M.P.H. (PH-HN-MPH) $1423
Cybersecurity – M.S. (CYBS-MS) $1,250**
Doctor of Nursing Practice – D.N.P. (NUR-DNP) $1,250
Electrical and Computer Engineering (in-person/online) – M.S. (ECEG-MS, ECEG-MSOL) $1,250**
Graduate College Non-Degree (GC-ND) $1,250**
Nursing Certificate – Post-Master’s (NUR-CERT) $1,250
Nursing Science – Ph.D. and M.S.N. (NUR-PHD, NUR-MSN) $1,250
Physical Therapy (PTH-DPT) $1,250
Childhood Education in Languages, Literatures and Cultures – MA (CLLC-MA) $750
Childhood Foreign Language Education – M.A. (CFLE-MA) $750
Early Childhood Development and Programming – M.A. (ECDP-MA) $750
Educational Leadership – M.A., Ed.D. (EDL-EDD. EL-MA) $750
Educational Technology (in-person/online) – M.Ed. (EDTC-MED, EDTC-MEDOL) $750
Exceptional Children and Youth (in-person/online) – M.Ed. (EECX-MEDOL) $750
Human Development and Family Sciences – M.S. (HDFS-MS) $750
Literacy (online) – M.Ed. (LIT-MEDOL) $750
School Psychology – M.A., Ed.S. (ESP-EDS, ESP-MA) $750
Teacher Leadership (online) – M.Ed. (TL-MEDOL) $750

* Fall 2022 rate to be reduced to $1,250 per credit
**Fall 2022 rate to be reduced to $950 per credit

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