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Accounting MS, MS/MBA, 4+1

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The objective of the MS in Accounting is to extend the education of qualified students into advanced study in the field of accounting. In taking the student beyond the level of study offered by an undergraduate program in accounting, the MS provides additional preparation for careers in public accounting, industry, and government. The MS in Accounting may also be used to establish a foundation for further study at the PhD level in preparation for an academic career.

Students in the MS in Accounting may pursue either a full-time or a part-time course of study. Full-time students with an undergraduate accounting major from an accredited AACSB college should be able to complete the program within one calendar year.

This has a 4 plus 1, Conditional Admission Program (CAP), Dual Degree program option for current students.

Program Concentrations:

  • Financial Management Concentration
  • Controllership Concentration
  • Management Information Systems Concentration
  • Analytics

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Admission Requirements:

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Degree Requirements:

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Application Deadline:

August 25, 2020: Final deadline to apply

February 10, 2020

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*Acceptance of application does not guarantee funding. Funding is only available for degree programs.

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