University Doctoral Fellowship Award

Departments and programs are invited to submit names and dossiers of University Doctoral Fellow nominees to the Graduate College. Doctoral Fellow awards are competitive and are selected by a faculty review committee. Nominees for these awards must be enrolled in at least their third year of doctoral study at UD at the time of nomination. These awards are based on academic achievement since being admitted to a doctoral program as well as evidence of professional commitment and potential contribution to the student’s field of study. Awards are granted for one year. Graduate programs may nominate up to two students and must rank their nominations.




Fellowship begins on July 1, 2019.


Nomination Instructions

Complete the form below and submit a letter of nomination from the department chairperson or program director, faculty member’s evaluation letter, nominee’s c.v. and two-page essay. All supporting documents must be combined as a single PDF and uploaded with the completed application.


Submit a single pdf in the following order:

  1. Completed nomination form for each nominee.
  2. A letter of nomination for each nominee from either the chairperson of the department or the director of the graduate program that describes the accomplishments and suitability of the nominee for this award.
  3. An evaluation letter by a faculty member of the nominee’s academic performance and potential professional contribution.
  4. A c.v. of the nominee, which includes a list of the nominee’s conference presentations and other professional accomplishments and activities.
  5. A two-page essay by the nominee describing his/her academic work, impact of their study or research and career plans.


University Doctoral Fellowship Award


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The pdf should include a letter of nomination, faculty evaluation letter, c.v. and a two-page essay as a single document.


Submit all supporting documentation as a single PDF.

Your application may not be considered if supporting documentation is not submitted as one continuous document.



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