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Finkel Fund

DEADLINE: March 15, 2017


Thanks to the generosity of Peter D. Finkel and Susan R. Finkel and their endowment of the Finkel Fund in Support of Cultural Internships, the Center for Material Culture Studies is able to offer financial support, typically up to $3,000, for eligible University of Delaware undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a material culture-based internship. Funds are to be used for transportation, lodging, food, and research materials.

In 2017, two University of Delaware students were awarded the Finkel Fund:

Madison Brockman
Winterthur / University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation

“This summer I will be learning from Consuela (Chela) Metzger, head of conservation and previous WUDPAC faculty, and tackling a range of interesting treatments on fascinating objects from the Library’s special collections. Projects include the repair of leather-bound children’s books from the 19th century, well-used maps from the 19th and 20th century, and a truly unique creation of mid-century American material culture: an oversized scrapbook of photographs and other ephemera compiled by the UCLA Marching Band Club. In addition to regular circulating collections material – books that students and researchers can check out and take home – these special collections materials are snapshots into the lives and times of those who made them. Preserving those material artifacts preserves the legacy of the human stories within them.”

Annabelle Fitchner
Art Conservation

“The Balkan Heritage Field School hosts conservation workshops and field schools in Stobi. I will be participating in their mosaic conservation and documentation workshop* from June 3-17, which could potentially provide me with six transferable credits from the New Bulgarian University. The workshop will focus on the conservation of a mosaic in Stobi’s Episcopal Basilica, the oldest Christian monument in Macedonia, which dates to the late 5th century. In addition to the workshop material that covers photo documentation, and both in situ and laboratory treatment of the mosaic, a number of lectures will be given on the history and archaeology of the area and its surrounding sites.”

The inaugural recipient is Spencer Wigmore, who interned at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Spencer writes:

“This summer I will be interning in the curatorial department at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I will be participating in a fall 2016 exhibition, Thomas Eakins: Photographer. Consisting of over sixty photographs and three finished paintings, the exhibition explores the extent of Eakin’s involvement with photography. Eakins personal collection included numerous self portraits, mementos of social events, friends, and animals, studies of the nude and of landscape, and more. They indicate the constant material presence of photography in his life – as an integral component of his painting and teaching practices, its importance to domestic life, and its role as a medium for the exploration of gender and artistic identity. As a Finkel fund-supported intern, I will help edit wall labels, conduct object research, and organize event programming.”

The deadline for applications for Summer of this academic year is March 15. We will accept application beginning one month before the deadline. To apply, prepare a one-page statement, a brief budget, and a current CV. Also, please arrange to have your advisor send a letter of reference to Preference is given to students whose focus is on preservation, conservation, administration, collections management, exhibition, research, and services of museums. Awardees agree to submit a one-page report within one month of completing their internship and no later than the end of the academic year in which the funds were disbursed. Preference shall be given to students who are advanced in their studies.

Send application materials to with “Finked Fund” in the subject field.

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