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Application Fees

For the current application season the application fee is $75.00.  Waiver categories include those who have participated in the following programs:

If you qualify for one of the fee waiver categories listed above, check the appropriate box for the program on the application and upload a letter from the director of your program confirming your status to the “Additional information” page in your application.

We encourage applicants seeking an application fee waiver to begin an application and complete as much as possible without submitting a payment.  You may contact the graduate director of the program to which you’re applying here and send a request with your 9-digit application ID — departments may be able to pay the application fee for you.

If you feel you qualify for a fee waiver for reasons that aren’t listed on this Application Fee webpage, contact the Graduate Admissions office (

* GEM application status can be checked internally by UD.  Please send an e-mail to to request this verification which we facilitate through the College of Engineering.

Over 200 Programs and Counting

We invite you to explore the Graduate programs at the University of Delaware. Our program choices top over 200 different options.

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