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Rishi Paudel

PROGRAM: Physics

I am very thankful to the University of Delaware for giving me a great opportunity to achieve my dream. I want to dedicate this special moment to everyone who supported me to achieve my goal.

EMPLOYMENT: I will work as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at NASA Goddard with Drs. Elisa Quintana and Thomas Barclay and in affiliation with Center for Space Science and Technology at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Sean McDaniel

PROGRAM: Computer Science

I did this for the 10-year-old me.

EMPLOYMENT: Senior Data Scientist in Advance Health Data Analytics at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Jeffrey Richmond-Moll

PROGRAM: Art History

My Ph.D. would not have been possible without the generous support of many individuals and institutions. I was fortunate to receive fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies, the Henry Luce Foundation, the Mustard Seed Foundation, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art, and the Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, as well as from Delaware’s Department of Art History and Center for Material Culture Studies. I am most grateful, however, to my professional mentors (especially my advisor Wendy Bellion) and to all my family in the audience—above all my wife Tae, my son Beck, and my daughter Willa. Without their love, unselfishness, and encouragement over many years, there is no way I could have reached this milestone. As this adventure ends, I look forward to beginning a new one with them this summer as Curator of American at the Georgia Museum of Art, on the campus of the University of Georgia.

EMPLOYMENT: Curator of American Art, Georgia Museum of Art (University of Georgia)

Elisa Ovadia

PROGRAM: Chemical Engineering

Is great-full for my time at UD. I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful mentor and meet lifetime friends and my fiance. My PhD enabled me to start my career in the cell and gene therapy field, where I can make a impact on the lives of cancer patients.

EMPLOYMENT: Process Engineer at Kite Pharma

Jenifer Hummer

PROGRAM: Education

Thank you to everyone who is here to support me today. I would like to especially thank my future husband, DeWayne, who kept me grounded, made sure the house stayed clean and that I never got hangry. I love you 3000. Whatever it takes. For everyone who traveled from out of state to be here today, thank you for all the support over the years. I would also like to dedicate my Ph.D. to my Grandma Hummer who turned 90 years old last week. She served as a dedicated teacher for most of her life. I will strive to continue what she started by honoring her love and commitment to students.

EMPLOYMENT: Post-Doc with Michelle Cirillo at the University of Delaware

Kendra Brumfield-NaWangna

PROGRAM: Urban Affairs and Public Policy

Thank you to Dr. Harvey White, my committee, family and friends for your patience, sacrifices, love, and support. This degree is a group effort.

Amber Hilderbrand

PROGRAM: Chemical Engineering

Thank you to my parents, sister, and grandparents for all their support throughout this process. I wouldn’t be up here today if it weren’t for you.

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” -Thomas Edison

Matthew Fischel

PROGRAM: Plant and Soil Sciences

Sometimes a victory laps evolves into a PhD. Beginning as an undergraduate, my time at UD has transformed me from a student into a mentor. Thank you to my brother for being by my side during every step of this journey, my parents for providing the foundation to my success, and my adviser for giving me freedom to pursue my passion within geochemistry. Cheers to all the grads of 2019!

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral researcher

Erin Palmwood

PROGRAM: Psychology

Thank you to my family, friends, and advisor for supporting me throughout this journey! I am especially grateful to my husband and cat for being by my side, cheering me on, every day for these past seven years.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Counseling Center

Michael Haider

PROGRAM: Materials Science & Engineering

No matter where you go, there you are.

EMPLOYMENT: Pharmaceutical Research

Mariana Di Giacomo Caporale

PROGRAM: Preservation Studies

What a beautiful journey this PhD has been. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the support I received. Being an international student makes things even more challenging, but having the right mentors makes all the difference. I want to thank my father and his wife for coming all the way from Uruguay to see my hooding, and I want to thank my husband for being my rock for the past five years!

Yue Wang

PROGRAM: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Pursuing PhD is a tough road. I am glad I could have the help from my advisor and my family my. Thank you very much! One more thing, after graduation I watched a movie on weekend and it is the first time I didn’t feel guilty

EMPLOYMENT: Senior software engineer

Robert Searles

PROGRAM: Computer Science

My research focuses on improving programming models to help computational scientists leverage state-of-the-art supercomputers. Along the way, I helped scientists optimize the performance of codes used to model things like weather, nuclear reactors, and atmospheric re-entry. It sounds more complicated than it is. I mean, it’s not rocket sci-….actually….atmospheric re-entry is totally rocket science. That explains why that code was so confusing…

EMPLOYMENT: Solutions Architect at NVIDIA Corporation

Daniel Arbucias

PROGRAM: Political Science and International Relations

Say hi to my parents and editors in chief – David and Lourdes. A special thank you to Dr. Kinderman and Dr. Bagozzi.

EMPLOYMENT: Naval Intelligence Officer

Weibiao Li

PROGRAM: Economics

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all my committee members for their valuable comments and suggestions. Especially, I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Stacie Back, for her great guidance, patience, and always inspires me to have great ideas and provides me with great suggestions. Finally, deepest appreciation to my mom and my wife. Without your support, I could not have achieved this accomplishment. And, my lovely daughter always inspires me never give up: keep fighting and crying until you got what you want.

EMPLOYMENT: Quantitative Modeling/Validation Sr Analyst

Saleh Tamim

PROGRAM: Bioinformatics and System Biology

Moving from the second largest state to the second smallest state was a daring experience. While Delaware is small, my wonderful memories from UD are too much to fit the size of Texas.

Joan French

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

Learning and knowing are just the first steps; now we must apply what we know which will bring on many challenges. From the words of the poet Rabindranath Tagore, “Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them.”

EMPLOYMENT: Tutor/Instructor at the English Language Institute University of Delaware

Seth Cowall

PROGRAM: Applied Mathematics

We do not grow unless we are challenged. Graduate school was a challenge that brought about transformational growth in me. Finishing my degree is the greatest accomplishment of my life; it was my Rocky story.

EMPLOYMENT: Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Mercer University

Reetika Dutt

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

They say that the journey towards a PhD isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Well, after a lot of sleepless nights, tears of joy and/or disappointments and a healthy dose of caffeine, I am Phinally Done!

I dedicate this PhD to my parents (Swapan and Reba) and my husband (Yashodhan), who have been my rock, motivation and cheerleaders; thank you! Thanks are in order for my immensely supportive family (here and back home in India) and my wonderful group of friends who are ‘the best batch of people I know’.

I would also like to thank my advisors, Dr. Deni Galileo and Dr. Colin Thorpe for their guidance and support and finally, a huge shoutout to UD for making this dream a reality.

Karankumar Sabhnani

PROGRAM: Computer Science

I never wanted to do a PhD, but things changed when I joined UD and met my advisor. I’d like to thank my family, my advisor and the university for convincing me and giving me the courage to do a PhD. I’ll always be grateful for that.

EMPLOYMENT: Machine Learning Engineer @Twitter

Sean Ellis

PROGRAM: Economics

When I was in kindergarten, I wrote Dr. Sean Francis Ellis on the side of my crayon box—25 years later it is a reality. I cannot thank my family and friends enough for their moral support, love, and understanding through these years. Now it is time for all of us graduating to use the knowledge we have learned and the skills we have developed to help solve the myriad of problems facing the world.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Researcher with the University of Delaware’s Center for Experimental and Applied Economics

Jamie Pigman

PROGRAM: Biomechanics and Movement Science

I have been told that I am a gentleman, a scholar and a fine judge of good whiskey. Now, I can proudly say I am all three! To my family and friends, never above you, never below you, always beside you!

EMPLOYMENT: Lecturer Monmouth University

Yeulwoo Kim

PROGRAM: Civil Engineering

I was an honor to have a chance to be a UD student.
I am grateful to be given an opportunity to work with many famous professors here and learn from the best.


Rachel Chiquoine

PROGRAM: Disaster Science and Management

Thank you to Alex, mom, dad, and Sue, all of whom were my rocks.

EMPLOYMENT: Civil Engineer at the USDOT Volpe Center

Gowri Sriramagiri

PROGRAM: Electrical and Computer Engineering

I dedicate this accomplishment to my parents for their unparalleled support, my husband, for teaching me the value of patience and perseverance, and my uncle, for constant mentorship and inspiration. I found this journey of drinking from the ocean of knowledge as humbling and exhilarating as contributing a drop to it.

EMPLOYMENT: Photonics Process Engineer at Intel

Jared Nash

PROGRAM: Chemical Engineering

We made it!

Adam Stager

PROGRAM: Mechanical Engineering

Starting a robotics company during my PhD has been an extremely rewarding experience that wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing and supportive adviser. I am fortunate to have had such an incredible mentor and to have been part of the many entrepreneurial programs established at the Venture Development Center. My experience at UD has truly changed my life and I am excited to use what I have learned to make a positive impact on our future.

EMPLOYMENT: Founder/CEO of TRIC Robotics

Hui Yang

PROGRAM: Education

My Ph.D = Years of hard work and passion + Tremendous guidance from professors + Infinite love from family and friends

Thank you, Dr. Chrystalla Mouza, for your guidance and support to me as my advisor throughout this learning journey!

Thank you, Dr. Lori Pollock, Dr. Nancy Lavigne, and Dr. Rosalie Rolon-Dow, for your meaningful feedback to my dissertation!

Thank you, my family and friends, for your endless support!

Thank you, mom, dad, and my brother!

Thank you, my husband and my son! I love you!

Emily Edmonds-Eveland

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

May 31st is my grandmother’s (Mary Abate) 87th birthday, I’m so thankful she could travel from out of town to celebrate this special day for the both of us!

EMPLOYMENT: Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Zachary Larimore

PROGRAM: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thanks to the rest of the group for always keeping the lab a classy place.

EMPLOYMENT: Chief Technology Officer at DeLUX Advanced Manufacturing

Caitlin Hutchison

PROGRAM: Art History

Caitlin’s dissertation research on the political use of monumental crosses in medieval Ireland and their role in indicating boundaries took her to dozens of historical sites and museums across the island from Dublin to Galway and Belfast to Skellig Michael. Apart from her adventures, she most enjoyed teaching art history courses and mentoring humanities students while at UD. Caitlin is deeply grateful to her advisor, Professor Larry Nees for his guidance, confidence in her abilities, and exemplary teaching throughout the course of her studies and dissertation. She also wants to express her love and gratitude to her family, especially her parents, John and Cindy, and her partner, Tobias, all here today, for their endless support.

EMPLOYMENT: Pursuing an academic career

Reza Hammond

PROGRAM: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

I just want to give a special shout out to all of my guests in the audience. In particular, I want to recognized my parents who have provided me with their love and support for the entirety of my life. Additionally, I want to give a special acknowledgement to my wife, who is now carrying our soon to arriving baby. I’m so happy and thankful to be able to share each and every day of my life with you.

EMPLOYMENT: Bioinformatics Scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Teresa Rush

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

There are several people who supported me in their respective capacities while I pursued my graduate studies at the University of Delaware. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my family, colleagues, and ELP committee for supporting me through this meaningful journey. I am especially grateful to my advisor, Dr. Amendum, for his contributions to my success in the Ed.D. program. His dedication to my academic growth will be paid forward as I advise my AA-ETE students and support them, just as I was supported, in their future endeavors. My experiences at the University of Delaware are extremely valuable to me and I will treasure them for the rest of my life.

EMPLOYMENT: Associate in Arts Elementary Teacher Education Program Coordinator at the University of Delaware

Shuyu Xu

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

Profound discoveries are always slow in coming. Today is another new start.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoc at National Institute of Standards and Technology

Brian McConnell

PROGRAM: Chemical Engineering

Special thanks to my parents and advisor for all their support during the past five years!

EMPLOYMENT: Process Development Scientist at Amgen

Marcie Wiggins

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

I would like to thank my friends and family for their support in accomplishing this degree, especially those who distracted my cat long enough for me to write my thesis. I have been very fortunate to have many opportunities and great colleagues from Winterthur along the way, who have shaped my career path. UD has helped me to pursue research that combined my interests in both chemistry and art.

EMPLOYMENT: Just started a post-doctoral position at Yale University’s Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Jennie Liao

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

To my wonderful family – thank you so much for your tremendous support and unwavering love! I owe my success to you and everything that you have done for me. Thank you for always being there for me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. I love you all so much!

A special thanks to my advisor Mary – you have been such an inspiration to me, and it has truly been an honor to work with you over the past four years. A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. As I start a new chapter in my life, UD will forever hold a special place in my heart.

EMPLOYMENT: Senior Scientist, Merck & Co., Inc.

Sushant Veer

PROGRAM: Mechanical Engineering

First, and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor for his exceptional guidance during my Ph.D., and his continued mentorship even after the completion of my Ph.D.

I would also like to thank my friends and family, who have traveled all the way from India and California to attend this ceremony.

Finally, I owe a special thanks to BrewHaHa and Little Goat for the coffee!

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University

Matthew Lewis

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

I would like to thank my wife and family for their constant support through my entire graduate school career, as well as the Zide group for making my experience a ton of fun, and for all that I learned.

EMPLOYMENT: Application Scientist at TA Instruments

Jessica Kilmetz

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

Thank you so much to those family, friends, and faculty who supported me throughout this process, most notably my guests today: Liam, Steven, Catherine, and Steve!

EMPLOYMENT: Maintaining current position as Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction for Phoenixville Area School District in Pennsylvania

Joohee Lee

PROGRAM: Energy and Environmental Policy

Joohee is deeply grateful to her parents, who are here today with her for this celebration, for always being caring about her and patient with her no matter how far they were away. Joohee also wants to express special thanks to her advisor for his constant support and guidance throughout this journey. Joohee believes her time at UD was absolutely priceless and will become a lifetime memory. She can’t wait to move onto the next chapter of her life as a proud blue hen graduate!

Modupeore Adetunji

PROGRAM: Bioinformatics and System Biology

I’m excited to be P.H.Done and I’m excited for the future.
I’m grateful to UD for being my home far away from home. I appreciate my family, friends, and loved ones. Thank you, I love you.

Chelsea Leiper

PROGRAM: Geography

I always wanted a Ph.D. but now that I have one it’s clearer than ever that the life of the mind is a journey not a destination. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in the Department of Geography here at UD, being one of the first students to graduate from the newly established Doctoral program in Human Geography. The unique opportunity to be somewhat of a guinea pig was challenging and isolating, but also rewarding. I couldn’t have done it without the generous guidance and support of my advisors – your humor, wisdom, honesty, and patience for my bi-weekly existential meltdowns kept me motivated to see this through, wherever it ultimately leads.

Petra Clark

PROGRAM: English

My doctoral degree marks the fulfillment of a dream I have had for over a decade. The six years it took to complete my PhD were full of rewarding and challenging work and wonderful colleagues and mentors, all of which transformed me professionally and personally. I’m proud of the research and writing I have done, as well as the many classes I have created and the students I have taught at UD. Wherever my degree takes me next, I’ll always be grateful to the people I have met and for the adventures I have had along the way–and for the opportunity to channel my longtime love of Oscar Wilde into something truly meaningful!

Michael Babak

PROGRAM: Animal and Food Sciences

I would like to convey a special message to all the chickens out there that they are my great friends! The accomplishment of my Ph.D. today is a testimony of the existence of our very successful mutual relationship. Long live healthy chickens!

I would like to acknowledge my wonderful family (my wife Juliet, my kids Nathan and Nicole) and my extended family for their incredible patience, love, and support throughout my entire study. My advisor, Dr. Abasht, has been extremely resourceful in the entire Ph.D. journey. Thank you!

EMPLOYMENT: Poultry health expert and researcher

Hye Jung Choi

PROGRAM: Education

Thank you for all your support, especially to my advisor, Dr. Rolon-Dow and to all my family, especially those who flew from Korea and my 92-year-old grandma to attend this ceremony! Love you all!

EMPLOYMENT: Educational content developer at Canari Media, Inc.

Camil Diaz

PROGRAM: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

“We need to remember what’s important in life:
friends, waffles, work.
Or waffles, friends, work.
Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”
– Leslie Knope

Andrea Kelley

PROGRAM: Sociology

Thank you to my family for your love, support, and encouragement through this entire process. Thank you to my advisor and all of my mentors for encouraging and pushing me to be a better sociologist and teacher. This degree has truly been a collaborative effort and I could not have done it without all of you!

EMPLOYMENT: Full-Time Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at University of Michigan

Parth Patel

PROGRAM: Bioinformatics and System Biology

I would like to convey special thanks to my advisor, family and friends for their belief and support throughout this journey.

EMPLOYMENT: Senior Data Scientist

Janice Hudson

PROGRAM: Geography

A million thanks to my husband who is always right behind me, even in this line (lol), my family, advisor, committee, and great friends I’ve made at UD. I’m so grateful for all the support received and the incredible network established during my time here. This adventure is ending, but the next one is just beginning!

EMPLOYMENT: Post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Philipp Keller

PROGRAM: Civil Engineering

FIVE years, THREE weddings (same wife!), ONE BABY on the way (June 29), and ONE PhD. Thank you Keely Keller, Family Keller, Family Heintz, Dr. McConnell, and University of Delaware! Philipp Keller PhD, OUT!

EMPLOYMENT: Structural Engineer at Sargent & Lundy

Melody Morris

PROGRAM: Chemical Engineering

Special thanks to Dr. Epps, my group members, and most of all Mom, Dad, and Heejae for all your support through this long journey. As I worked to improve the design of polymer electrolytes, you helped me recharge and improved my power so that I could attempt my next synthesis.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Eric Chen

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

People say your undergrad years go by quickly but they never mention the last 6 months before a PhD defense…

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Fanchao Meng

PROGRAM: Computer Science

My advisor taught me a lot, solving, teaching, writing, talking and many other things. I believed that he could teach me everything until some time ago he suggested to name one of my algorithms “Fanchao X” as I was expecting a super cool name like “TensorFlow” or “GloVe”. Then he confessed that he is not good at naming. Since then we have met quite a number of such naming issues. Unfortunately, we never addressed them well, so I have applied a post-doc and will keep working on them.

EMPLOYMENT: Post-doc at University of Virginia

Eileen Voltz

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

Thank you to my husband Matt & our son Daniel for supporting me every step of the way!


Kai Lin

PROGRAM: Sociology

UD is the closest thing to a home for me in America.

EMPLOYMENT: Faculty Member at the University of Vermont

Sarah Geiger

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

My research involved designing and integrating buckled photonic sensor arrays into cell-populated hydrogels in order to measure the strain the cells put on their 3D environment. Working on a project at the interface between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ materials science sometimes gave me an academic identity crisis, but this perspective lead us to successfully develop a user friendly, high sensitivity platform for our application. I owe this success to my advisors Dr. Xinqiao Jia and Dr. Juejun Hu, my fiance Bryan, who will be walking across this stage next year, and of course my friends and family.
I am being hooded by Dr. Doty, who has been an excellent mentor and like a 3rd advisor to me.

EMPLOYMENT: Photonics Engineer at Draper in Cambridge, MA

James Hack

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

I believe in all of the people who believed in me. My advisor Dr. Opila always supported me and provided me with many opportunities. My fantastic department cared for me when I was in need. And the folks back home gave me my foundation to stand on. With all of your support we can pierce the highest heavens.

Jessica Conrad

PROGRAM: English

I have been honored to contribute new research on the literature of social justice, which would have been impossible without the support of the English Graduate Program and the Center for Material Culture Studies. Earning this degree has been as rewarding as it has been trying. Thank you to those who have loved me at my worst so that I could produce my best. You mean the world to me, Mom, Dad, and Matt.

EMPLOYMENT: Assistant Professor at Kent State University at Stark

Zhengxin Li

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

I would like to express my gratitude to my advisor, Dr. Gundlach for his generous guidance and support, and my colleagues for the company and assistance. I also want to thank my parents, my husband, and my fluffy friends, Coco and Maru, for their love, trust, and selflessness.

EMPLOYMENT: YE Engineer at IM Flash Technologies, LLC

Fuquan Wang

PROGRAM: Electrical and Computer Engineering

I would like to show my appreciation to my supervisor, Dr. Prather, I could not get this far without your guidance and support. The study and research experience in UD is very pleasant, interesting and it is the best part of my life so far.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral researcher

Debanjan Sengupta

PROGRAM: Physics

The best six years of my academic career so far. Thanks to UD for making everything so special.

EMPLOYMENT: NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA

Emilio Valadez

PROGRAM: Psychology

Thank you to everyone at UD who has supported me throughout my time here. In particular, a huge thank you goes out to my advisor, Bob Simons, for always having my back and encouraging my (sometimes compulsive) need to push the newest methods. Thank you to my lab twin, Erin, for always being available to bounce ideas and for your enduring social support. And, finally, thank you mom and Michael for putting up with my extended east coast adventure!

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Maryland and the National Institute of Mental Health

Chun-Yen Hsu

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

Worth it? Ask me again in 10 years!

EMPLOYMENT: Materials Scientist

Maureen McDonald

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

Wow, this day is finally here! From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank my family and friends here today for their endless love and support and for taking the time to travel to be here today. Especially my parents who spent many holiday visits with me attached to a laptop, and my co-teacher who never complained, but instead celebrated with me anytime this work took me away from our classroom these last few years. In addition, I know that I would not be walking across this stage had I not met my advisor, Dr. Rachel Karchmer-Klein, as an undergraduate student in 2004. It changed the course of my academic career. I cannot fit all I’d like to say in this small blurb – Rachel could tell you, I’m pretty wordy! – but this experience, paired with the exceptional guidance from my advisor and committee, has had an incredible impact on my growth as an educator and confidence as a leader. Armed with the skillset I have built through developing my ELP, I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me next.

EMPLOYMENT: Current — 1st Grade Teacher, Appoquinimink School District

Natalia Rivera Torres

PROGRAM: Medical Sciences

The tassel’s worth the hassle! People just see the results, but not the hard work, sleepless, anxiety-full nights that we must put in. Yet we walked on the journey. Congratulations to your hard work and zeal for success!

“Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someonelse’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that.” Ellen DeGeneres

EMPLOYMENT: Post doctoral research associate

Taozhu Sun

PROGRAM: Plant and Soil Sciences

I couldn’t finish my journey without the support of my family and friends, especially my advisor, Dr. Jin! Thanks, Dr. Jin, you are a great inspiration for me!!

EMPLOYMENT: looking for a postdoctoral position

Leonardo De La Rosa

PROGRAM: Financial Services Analytics

I would like to thank my mom, my biggest inspiration, greatest sounding board, and number one fan.

EMPLOYMENT: Data scientist

Benjamin Rohe

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

I would like to thank my committee, Dr’s. Dagher, Ford, Mouza and Cooper for all their incite and mentoring. I would like to thank my family and friends for encouragement and support, especially my wife Shawn and daughters Hannah and Natalie.

Getting a doctoral degree is difficult, doubly so as a part time student, with a full time job and family, but it is rewarding. Just keep working on it and you will get there, thank you again to Shawn, Nick and Cooper, for supporting me even when I couldn’t see the end in site.

EMPLOYMENT: I will continue to work at UD in the Biological Sciences as a research associate and adjunct faculty. I hope to find a full faculty position soon.

Colleen Pike

PROGRAM: Biological Sciences

Completion of my degree has been an amazingly transformative experience that would not have been possible without the support of my advisor, family and friends. Thank you for all your encouragement over the past 5 years.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Fellowship

Kyra Han Kyul Kim

PROGRAM: Geology

“I’m going to go now” -Bran Stark, Battle of Winterfell

Dana Morrison

PROGRAM: Education

As we conclude our educational careers, I would like to share the following quote by educational philosopher Paulo Freire as a reminder that we are not yet, nor will we ever be, finished. “Joy does not come to us only at the moment of finding what we sought. It comes also in the search itself. And teaching and learning are not possible without the search” (Freire, 1996).

EMPLOYMENT: Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations and Policy Studies, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Ugochukwu Nsofor

PROGRAM: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Towards the final stretch of my program, my advisor once told me that to meet all our project deadlines we will have to be smart and lucky. I told him I will bring the smart part while he takes care of the luck. I am thankful for the luck and support from Dr. Hegedus. I am also grateful for my wonderful family and friends and most especially to God Almighty. I am standing here only because God made a way!

EMPLOYMENT: Snr. Process Engineer @ Intel

Dandan Chen

PROGRAM: Education

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the guidance and encouragement of my advisor, Dr. May, and my secondary advisor, Dr. Bear, and my committee. I would also like to express my deepest appreciation to my husband and my parents who believed I could become Dr. Chen long before I did. Finally, Grandma Eryin, this is for you, and I will always cherish the memories of you.

EMPLOYMENT: Psychometrician with the American Board of Anesthesiology

Jennifer Snyder

PROGRAM: Sociology

I will be forever grateful to my family for their endless support and love during my graduate career. This graduation is as much a celebration for them as it is for me.

EMPLOYMENT: Institutional Research Analyst in UD’s Office of Institutonal Research and Effectiveness

Michele Frederick

PROGRAM: Art History

I’d like to say a special thank you to my advisor, Prof. H. Perry Chapman, who was a better and more generous mentor than I could have ever hoped for. I’m so thankful and humbled that so many members of my family could be here today (if getting to campus at 7am on a Friday doesn’t prove your love, nothing will). I’m happy to share this day with all of you who have given me so much support and love over the course of this journey. Finally, to my mom, who didn’t get to see me through this step, I love you and miss you.

EMPLOYMENT: Samuel H. Kress Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC)

Yunjiao Cai

PROGRAM: Physics

You know you are a PhD student when you find yourself explaining to children that you are in “20th grade”.

Keith Fishlock

PROGRAM: Nursing Practice

I am most appreciative of this educational opportunity afforded to me. I will strive to use these tools to impact our communities, shape care and improve outcomes

EMPLOYMENT: Clinical Nurse Specialist Nemours Emergency Services

Hang Lau

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

Thank you to my advisor Dr. Kiick and everyone I met in university of Delaware for all the support I got during my PhD.

EMPLOYMENT: Applications Engineer

Joseph Palese

PROGRAM: Civil Engineering

2,738 gallons of diet coke later ….

EMPLOYMENT: Senior Scientist, University of Delaware, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department

Debora Kamin Mukaz

PROGRAM: Medical Sciences

This is for my family and friends who have given me so much, my parents who have sacrificed everything, my deceased grandmother who grew up a world that didn’t see her worth, my 12-year old self who had an impossible dream of becoming a researcher. In the memorable words of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter: “ I’ma keep running ‘cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”.

EMPLOYMENT: Looking forward to starting a postdoc position at the end of the summer

Patrick Corrigan

PROGRAM: Biomechanics and Movement Science

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at UD. The support I’ve received from my wife, family, advisor and friends is astonishing. Can I relax now??

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Fellowship at Northeastern University

Jennifer Clemons

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

I would like to thank my advisor, Danielle Ford, for being my biggest cheerleader on may days when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I would also like to thank the classmates and coworkers who encouraged me to keep going.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to my partner, Isaac DePoe, for not taking it personally when I kicked him out of the house when I need to write on the weekends.

EMPLOYMENT: Department Chair for Energy Technologies at Delaware Technical Community College

Rachel Salinger

PROGRAM: Education

I am proud and excited to be earning my Ph.D. in School Psychology, which represents the culmination of years of personal hard work and commitment to education as well as the support of countless members of my family, friends, professors, and colleagues. This accomplishment is particularly unique as it allows me to carry on the legacies of both of my parents – my mother’s lifelong devotion to the support of children in all her roles, beginning with her own degree from the University of Delaware School of Education, and my father’s efforts to advance the health of his patients and others in his practice as the first, although no longer the only, Dr. Salinger.

Irem Celen

PROGRAM: Bioinformatics and System Biology

I am very happy to fulfill one of my childhood dreams. Many thanks to my family, friends, and UD for helping me achieve this goal!

EMPLOYMENT: Bioinformatics Scientist

Allan Hungria

PROGRAM: Mathematics

I want to thank Team Pancho, in particular Hugo Diaz-Norambuena, Shukai Du and Hasan Eruslu for helping me get through my defense and the loss of my advisor, Francisco-Javier (Pancho) Sayas-Gonzalez, without whom none of this would be possible. He will be forever missed in our hearts and minds, but we will keep his academic legacy strong, knowing that that, foremost, is what he would want.

EMPLOYMENT: Software engineer supporting data science projects at DIcore Group, LLC

Ornella Sathoud

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu: “He who does not know can know from learning”

EMPLOYMENT: Chemistry Teacher/Post doc

Julia Rohlhill

PROGRAM: Chemical Engineering

I am so grateful to my family, friends, co-workers, and advisor for supporting me throughout this journey.

Cristina Stanica

PROGRAM: Urban Affairs and Public Policy

Today we turn our attention back to those of you who assisted and encouraged our doctoral journey!

Today we celebrate OUR accomplishments and YOUR support!

One of my goals for today is to be a source of inspiration for you. My story is a story of age and determination, and its limitless potential. If I can influence just one person here to think differently, to challenge the assumptions they hold, then I have achieved this goal.
“Audentis Fortuna Iuvat” (Fortune Favors the Brave), Virgil


Xiangyu Ma

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

I’d like to first thank my parents who come here all the way from China. Thank my husband for his selfless support, for I could not have done this without him. The same thing goes to my advisor Matthew Doty and all my colleagues I have worked with at UD. I will always remember the moment when the projector suddenly turned off during my Ph.D. final defense, and suddenly turned back on after 5 minutes. I never know how that happened but it worked out in the end, kind of like how I got my degree. And I should have never worried about losing my hair after all these years had I known I’ll be wearing a hood at the end.

EMPLOYMENT: Current: Post-doc Researcher at Material Science and Engineering Department, UD.

Austin Good

PROGRAM: Electrical and Computer Engineering

I would like to thank my advisor, Mark “Big Dog” Mirotznik, for his guidance and his support for the past 8 years. His support has opened numerous opportunities for me, and I am eternally grateful for it. I’d also like to thank my parents, Michael and Danette, for their love and support for the past 27 years, 6 months, and 19 days. I could not have made it this far without them.

EMPLOYMENT: Electrical Engineer at DeLUX Advanced Manufacturing

Alize Marangoz

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

My PhD was extremely valuable in my growth as a scientist. It opened my mind to new possibilities and helped me understand how I can contribute now that I am moving on in my career.

EMPLOYMENT: Research Scientist

Tina Trimble

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

I would like to thank my Adviser, Dr. Fred Hofstetter and my Committee, Dr. Archbald, Dr. Mouza, and Dr. Helfman for their guidance. I owe a great deal to my family for their patience and support. I hope to explore opportunities that allow me to be an active participant in an integrative learning community that supports sharing skills and knowledge. I want to help students understand how to connect what they learn in the classroom to real life experiences.

EMPLOYMENT: Exploring opportunities and building skills to teach

John Strong

PROGRAM: Education

I would like to thank my wife and my parents for their support throughout my doctoral program at the University of Delaware. I am also indebted to my advisor, Dr. Sharon Walpole, for everything she has given to me these past four years. She used to have a famous quote displayed on her door: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Without her guidance, I would still be looking. At least now I know one thing about myself: I’m really good at reading.

EMPLOYMENT: Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at the University at Buffalo

Tyler Sowers

PROGRAM: Plant and Soil Sciences

Throughout my graduate studies, I have had an amazing support network from my family, friends, and advisor. For example, 12 family members flew from North Carolina, one of which is my wonderful 90 year-old Grandma Sybil who had never been on a plane, just to be here to see my hooding. My advisor, Dr. Don Sparks, could not have been more supportive and incremental to my success as a PhD student and set me in position to pursue any dream I wanted to after completing my degree. Lastly, and most importantly, this journey would have never been possible without the unrelenting support of my lovely wife, Mary Beth. I have made invaluable connections and friendships while at the University of Delaware that I will forever work to maintain. Thank you!

EMPLOYMENT: Post Doctoral Scholar of the Environmental Protection Agency

Christine Renzulli

PROGRAM: Nursing Practice

Thank you to everyone that has supported me through this journey. This has been long, but we are finally here!

Samuel Cogar

PROGRAM: Applied Mathematics

I spent two years in the Navy, and it has been a highly meaningful experience to perform research funded by the Army and the Air Force that may someday improve the safety of servicemembers deployed worldwide.

EMPLOYMENT: Hill Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Marisa Kofke

PROGRAM: Education

I want to give my upmost appreciation to Laura Eisenman for her continued support throughout this degree program. She is a wonderful mentor, and was always available to talk, while this was so helpful throughout the entire program, I found it to be particularly crucial after I moved across the country.

Community is a vital part of well-being while in a doctoral program. I made many new friends and colleagues throughout my time in my Ph.D. program. Each person was vital to my growth and transformation as a scholar. In particular, I want to acknowledge my dear friend, Dr. Dana Morrison, who has become the most wonderfully critical and badass scholar I know. Thank you for all of the thoughtful dialogues throughout these past years. I learned so much from you.

To my parents, Marianne and Andy Kofke, thank you so much for your support this whole time and for placing such a large focus on education when I was growing up. It seems that I have taken this lesson very seriously, as I now have a Ph.D. in Education.

EMPLOYMENT: None at this time

Shabnam McQuerrey

PROGRAM: Nursing Practice

Endless thanks to Dr. Graber for guiding me throughout this Doctor of Nursing Practice program. And of utmost importance, thank you to my amazing husband without whose support I would not have been able to successfully complete this degree. One marriage, two kids, three years and a doctorate later I love you more than ever!

Jacob Jacavage

PROGRAM: Mathematics

They say a mathematician is a machine for turning coffee into theorems. I can confirm.

EMPLOYMENT: Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Lafayette College

Enes Avcu

PROGRAM: Linguistics

Thank you UD, during very hard times, UD supported me with Doctoral Dissertation Grant

Latoya Watson

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

Although it has been difficult, with the support of my village, I have made it to the finish line. I dedicate this degree to my daughters, Ava and Mariah. I hope you pursue your wildest dreams and face your challenges fearlessly.

Happy 7th Birthday Ava!

EMPLOYMENT: Assistant Dean for the Associate in Arts Program

Tiantian Yu

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

This is my very first graduation ceremony! For some reasons I missed those in my junior high, high school, and college, and finally I can catch a break! Wait! This is also my last one! ( sigh

EMPLOYMENT: research scientist

Yuliya Brel

PROGRAM: Urban Affairs and Public Policy

The time I spent at the University of Delaware was one of the best in my life. Over the years of my studies I learnt that I was capable of doing things I had never thought were possible. On this campus, I have always been surrounded by people who believed in me when I would not believe in myself anymore. I was very fortunate to enjoy an immense amount of support on the part of my professors, colleagues, and friends, which helped me persevere through the challenges of the doctoral program. I am also thankful to my family for never having a single doubt that I could do this work. I am forever grateful to my wonderful children for being the light and essence of my life and for their endurance through these difficult but happy years. Thanks to the University of Delaware for everything – without you I would never become who I am today.

EMPLOYMENT: I have none at the moment.

Thomas Gartner

PROGRAM: Chemical Engineering

I have grown and learned so much in my time at Delaware–not only as an academic, scientist, and engineer, but also in my understanding of the central importance of diversity, inclusivity, and respect in the workplace. I owe a great thanks to my many mentors, colleagues, and friends who have helped me along the path towards this achievement!

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University

Aneesa Baboolal

PROGRAM: Sociology

I am forever indebted to my advisor Dr. Chrysanthi Leon and a team of supportive faculty in my department that has made my success at UD possible. I am grateful that my family immigrated to the US from Trinidad and were strong enough to stay, so I could one day pursue and achieve a PhD. Special thanks to my friends for tolerating my whining for six years and my dog for being my emotional support animal.

EMPLOYMENT: Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

Jeffery Appelhans

PROGRAM: History

It may seem on trend to say The Future is Female, but this degree is the product of the support, sympathy, and sacrifice of five women dear to my heart. It is our accomplishment!

EMPLOYMENT: Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, University of Delaware

Yu Tian

PROGRAM: Materials Science and Engineering

It’s always sunny in Delaware.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Chicago

Sean Hudson

PROGRAM: Geography

I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Delphis Levia, my wife, Janice Hudson who could not be bothered to be in the audience today, my son Oliver, and my friends and family for all the support you have given me.

EMPLOYMENT: Post Doctoral Researcher at the Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics, University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Esley Newton

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

This long journey couldn’t have been accomplished without the encouragement of my family, friends, and professors. I’m grateful to my Mom and Dad who taught me to be the best me. A special thanks to my husband and 4-year-old son, Charlie. You are my motivation and inspiration. Thanks to all of my family supporting me here today. I love you all!

EMPLOYMENT: Program Manager at the Center for Disabilities Studies-UD

Chen Chen

PROGRAM: Economics

I would like to thank my advisor Dr. William Latham, I can never come all the way through without his guidance. I thank my wife Miao, who has always been my strongest supporter. Although most likely she can’t join today as our first baby will be born at any minute, I want to share the joy with her and our baby boy! I want to thank my parents, all my family, my friends, for being my source of strength. Lastly, I want to thank my cat Latte, she’s been our joy and comfort in our house.

EMPLOYMENT: Senior business analyst, Citibank

Abhishek Sharan

PROGRAM: Physics

I would like to dedicate this to my parents (Punam and Rajiv), my sister (Neha) and my sister’s husband (Praveen) who have always been a strong support system for me. I would also like to dedicate this to my grandfather, who passed away in February. He was always proud on my accomplishments and was most excited for having Doctor in front of my name than anyone else.

EMPLOYMENT: Post doctoral fellow at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Eric Splan

PROGRAM: Psychology

Thank you to Caitlin, my family, and my academic family for all the help over the years. I stand on the shoulders of giants. And most of all thank you cognitive dissonance for making this whole time worth it.

Kristina Strother-Garcia

PROGRAM: Linguistics

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I once told my mom that I just wanted to be a professional student. I didn’t think that was possible at the time, but here we are! After 6 years, I am finally ready to leave the “professional student” life behind and figure out what comes next. I’d like to thank my fellow students and the faculty members who have helped me immensely over the years—there are too many to name. Truthfully, I couldn’t have done this without the support of my husband, my parents, family, and friends—thank you for everything.

EMPLOYMENT: Lab Coordinator, Treatment Efficacy & Language Learning Lab

Madolyn MacDonald

PROGRAM: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Earning my PhD has been one of my life’s goals for as long as I can remember and am super excited to have achieved it in bioinformatics at the University of Delaware! I would like to thank those who helped me along the way including my advisor, my committee members, my lab-mates, and my family especially my mom for the continuous support and for joining me on much needed coffee breaks.

Adam Mitchell

PROGRAM: Entomology and Wildlife Ecology

In 2014, I was given the chance to return to my alma mater to pursue research of my own making. Four years, one engagement to a beautiful woman, 160,000 arthropods, and one college professorship later, the University of Delaware gave me more than a degree: it help me fulfill my dream. Special thanks to Fishers Island, and to my advisor Dr. Tallamy. I’m 95% confident that my body is made up of 10% antifreeze.

EMPLOYMENT: Assistant Professor of Entomology, Tarleton State University

Tianhang Gao

PROGRAM: Economics

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. I’d like to share the sweetness today with my family, friends and adviser, who supported me going through the bitterness of the Ph.D. I love you all.

Ayush Dusia

PROGRAM: Computer Science

I want to thank my parents and my brother for supporting me at every stage of my life, encouraging me to keep moving forward, guiding me with their experiences, teaching me to become a better human being first and everything else later. After graduating in 2014 with the M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Delaware, I was ready to move on to a different chapter of my life, but I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work with Prof. Sethi and write this chapter. It would be unfair to list just a few things that I am grateful for, so I will say – thank you, Prof. Sethi, for everything. Without your support, the probability of this happening would be zero, and I would have never been able to simulate this scenario. I have included an incomplete list of people who have made invaluable contributions to my life and helped me at different stages of my time here at UD. Thank you, Dr. Blake Meyers, Dr. Ram Ramanathan, Prof. Paul Amer, and all my friends at UD.

Armani Batista

PROGRAM: Mechanical Engineering

It is finished, Amen.


Jason Burch

PROGRAM: Chemistry and Biochemistry

I had the greatest thing happen to me last August – I got my Ph.D. That was surpassed two days later when I became a father. Thank you Jordan for waiting until I was done.

EMPLOYMENT: Research Scientist at QPS

Jennifer Lynn Crouse Hood

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

I didn’t think this moment would ever come and often asked why in the world I was doing this when I drove over 2 hours each way to class, often two nights a week! I truly made this program my own by being the first person to complete an ELP involving neonatal patients. As a speech language pathologist my perspective shaped my experience in this program and allowed me to complete research leading to improved feeding outcomes for the tiniest of patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Maryland Medical Center. They say that life sometimes knocks you down — I managed to complete my program in 3 years while working full time, teaching part time, and undergoing 2 major knee surgeries – but never missing a beat. I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration my patients provided, guidance of my ELP committee, and the unwavering support of my parents, extended family, and husband.

EMPLOYMENT: Advanced Feeding Therapist University of Maryland Medical Center, Advanced Speech Language Pathologist and Affiliate Faculty at Loyola University

Yuqi Liu

PROGRAM: Psychology

It’s time to commemorate all the failure I had during my PhD life. I wish I had always succeeded, but I have to say I’ve learned so much from failure than success. I appreciate all the experience, from which I’ve grown so much stronger and more confident.

EMPLOYMENT: Post-doc fellow at the Georgetown University

Anthony Quagliano

PROGRAM: Biological Sciences

This was a path I never expected to take in my life and academic career, but it has become one of the most impactful journeys and accomplishments I will ever achieve

EMPLOYMENT: Medical School

Mengxi Lv

PROGRAM: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Hi Lucas, It’s my greatest honor to be your Ph.D. student. Without your support and guidance, I could not be here today. Thank you very much.


EMPLOYMENT: Senior Data Scientist

Lisa Wilson

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

Without God’s help, I would not be able to accomplish this great milestone. I am humbled and eternally grateful. As a 1st generation college graduate, I honor the memory of my parents Lawrence and Callou Bowden. I am appreciative for the work ethic and entrepreneurial mindset they instilled in me. I share this wonderful experience with my husband who has sacrificed, encouraged and loved me unconditionally. I thank our children, my siblings, my spiritual father – Bishop Joseph Cooper, Sr., and extended family for all your love and support. Lastly, thank you to Dr. Fred Hofstetter, my committee chair along with the committeee members – Dr. Chrystalla Mouza, Dr. Doug Achibald, and Dr. Dan Freeman.

EMPLOYMENT: Education Associate at Delaware Department of Education

Sergio Matiz Romero

PROGRAM: Electrical and Computer Engineering

The PhD program at the University of Delaware has been an amazing experience. It gave me the tools to fully exploit my potential, and at the same time, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people, both professors and students, that had a positive impact on my life. I will remember these times at UD as some of the best in my life.

EMPLOYMENT: Electrical Engineer in the Engineering Development Group at MathWorks

Lori Scanlon Maramante

PROGRAM: Educational Leadership

Thank you to my advisor, Dr. Zoubeida Dagher for her steadfast support and for introducing me to an extraordinary group of international scholars. To my family, thank you for your sacrifices and encouragement on this journey.

EMPLOYMENT: Chair, Science Department, Delaware Tech-Owens Campus (current position)

Ramesh Koirala

PROGRAM: Physics

A message on my office wall left by the previous occupant sums up my graduate school experience. It said, “Fail again, Try again, Fail better”.

Also, I am glad to have my parents in the audience who came all the way from Nepal to attend this convocation ceremony.

Adam Magerman

PROGRAM: Psychology

I can’t believe I started graduate school when Game of Thrones started, I am glad I didn’t turn into the mad king…it was close. Thanks to Chad for giving me the opportunity to reach this goal, providing me with skills that I will use for the rest of my life, and teaching me the value of critical thinking. Thank you to my family for helping me remain centered, and on a path–however long–towards today…and of course listening to my BS. Thank you to Lauren for for providing the love and support that I would not have survived without. I am beyond excited to move into a new reality with you, finally haha! And thank you to my little ladies, Charm, Rumor, and Brooke for reminding me that you need to be fed and that your belly needs to be scratched. Finally, TRUST THE PROCESS!

EMPLOYMENT: Data Analytic Consultant

Ben Greenspan

PROGRAM: Biomechanics and Movement Science

I would like to thank my advisor, fellow lab members, and many other faculty and friends for their support over the years. Thank you so much to my family for making the trip up today, my girlfriend for putting up with listening to more stories of “What did you 3D print today?” than she ever expected or needed to hear, and to my parents for their constant love and encouragement. I started as an undergraduate at UD in the Fall of 2011 and have witnessed some significant changes to the school since then, but UD has certainly seen a large change in me as well. I will forever have amazing memories from this school and the people I have met here, and be grateful for turning a curious 17-year old into a doctor 8 years later. Thank you very much.

EMPLOYMENT: Accenture Labs, Digital Experiences Research Associate Principal (I will be working on the research and development of wearable technology)

Peter Washam

PROGRAM: Marine Studies

I would like to thank all those who supported me through my graduate studies here at the University of Delaware. It has been a wonderful and difficult season in my life, full of new experiences and lasting memories. I would not have been able to achieve this degree without the help of my wife Elizabeth, my fellow graduate students in Robinson 210, my family, my dissertation committee, and of course my advisor Andreas Muenchow.

EMPLOYMENT: Research Scientist at Georgia Tech

Ahad Behboodi

PROGRAM: Biomechanics and Movement Science

Ahad will commercialize a medical device in collaboration with University City Science Center and University of Delaware’s Horn entrepreneurship Center.

EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Fellow at Horn Entrepreneurship Center

Jacob Capin

PROGRAM: Biomechanics and Movement Science

Ten years ago, I decided to become a physical therapist in part because I didn’t want to go to school long enough to become a physician. Now after 7 years and 3 advanced degrees (MS, DPT, PhD) from the University of Delaware, I am so grateful that I decided to stay in school even longer than I would have for medical school! Not only have I achieved my sister’s longstanding goal to call me “Dr., Dr.”, but also and more importantly, I am well equipped as a clinician-scientist to address my professional calling: 1) investigate primary and secondary prevention of osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal diseases; 2) train future generations of clinicians and scientists; and 3) optimize quality of life through non-surgical, non-pharmacological interventions. In the words of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dag Hammarskjöld, “For all that has been—Thanks. For all that shall be—Yes!”

EMPLOYMENT: Dr. Capin will begin a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus on September 1, 2019. He will investigate contralateral knee osteoarthritis among older adults after total knee replacement with Dr. Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


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