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Applicants admitted to graduate studies at the University of Delaware will be granted admission status in one of the following categories:


Regular status is offered to applicants who meet all of the established entrance requirements, who have a record of high scholarship in their fields of specialization, and who have the ability, interest, and maturity necessary for successful study at the graduate level in a degree program.

Applicants who file an application during the final year of undergraduate or current graduate work and are unable to submit complete official transcripts showing the conferral of the degree will be admitted pending conferral of the degree if records are otherwise satisfactory and complete. Failure to provide official test scores and documents showing degree conferral by the first day of classes may result in revocation of admission to the graduate program.


Provisional status is offered to applicants who are seeking admission to a degree program but lack specific prerequisites needed in the Universtiy of Delaware degree requirements. All provisional requirements must be met within the deadline given before regular status can be granted. Failure to meet the provisions by this deadline is grounds for dismissal from the program. Students admitted with provisional status to a degree program are generally not eligible for assistantships nor fellowships.

Non-Degree Status

Applicants who wish to earn graduate credit but do not intend to earn a graduate degree at the University of Delaware may be admitted with non-degree graduate status. Admission with non-degree status implies no commitment by the University or the graduate program about later admission as a regular student. Such applicants must submit official college transcripts. International applicants must submit official proof of English proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Non-degree students are not required to follow course sequences, but they are held to the same academic standards as are other graduate students. This status is valid for a stated limited time. The student must complete an admission application to be considered for regular status. Earned graduate credit may or may not be accepted if the student’s classification is changed to regular status. In general, graduate credit must fit into an approved program of study and all credits must have been completed within the appropriate time limit.

Non-degree students taking classes under cooperative agreements must submit a letter from their home institution, typically from their graduate dean or registrar, certifying that they are graduate students in good standing at another institution. Such letters will be accepted in lieu of the transcripts that are required of other non-degree applicants.


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