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Graduate programs at the University of Delaware have their own unique admission requirements, funding options, deadlines, review processes and decision timelines. Understanding how your program of interest structures each of these areas is key to having a positive experience. The information below will help navigate through this process. We encourage you to read carefully the information contained on our website and thank you for considering the University of Delaware as your partner in education.


Graduate Application

The University of Delaware’s graduate application system is designed to put the applicant in control of not only the application but all documents associated with that application. You should have no need to send a single item by mail during the applicant stage. Self-managing your own application in this way is possible because we have designated areas within the application where each required document should be uploaded.


Please contact if you have questions.


Domestic Applicant Checklist

  1. Choose your Graduate Program
  2. Start your on-line application
  3. Gather the following documents:
  4. Upload required documents to your application
  5. Submit your application

We define “domestic applicants,” for admissions purposes, as US citizens (including foreign-born naturalized US-citizens), Permanent Residents, as well as those in Resident Alien status to include Asylee or Refugee status.


Accepting Financial Support

If you receive an offer of financial support we require a reply in writing by April 15 or earlier. Click on the title to learn more on this policy.

Application Essay

An opportunity to share relevant information about yourself, your goals, and why you would make a good match for a particular graduate program.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Graduate Application process at the University of Delaware.


Recommendations are a critical component of your graduate school application, yet are entirely dependent on others. Here are tips on this process>


This optional document would accompany your application providing more information than what’s included in the application and should focus on what we need to know to better evaluate your candidacy.

Supplemental Documents

Certain programs require supplemental documents that are unique to their program and should be submitted as part of their application for admission

Test Scores

Program requirements of test scores vary. To get an idea of these requirements please visit our resource and visit your program’s website to determine their requirements.


A copy of your permanent academic records which includes courses taken, dates of attendance, major, type of degree awarded, your cumulative grade point average (GPA) and all honors received at the institution(s). For additional guidance >

Writing Samples

These samples play an important role in your application. Great writing samples require attention to content, style, and structure. The following programs require samples for admission>

The Graduate College supports the CGS Resolution “Building An Inclusive Graduate Community: A Statement of Principles.” Toward that end, our office supports the development and success of historically underrepresented graduate students at the University of Delaware. Within these pages you will learn how UD enhances the graduate school experience for all by facilitating diversity of thought, background and perspective amongst its graduate community. We welcome all to actively engage in the support of an inclusive graduate community.


Important COVID-19 Updates: Updated guidance for graduate students and postdocs | More Information

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