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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Materials Science and Engineering (MMSE) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D). The Master’s degree can be obtained by either thesis or non-thesis options.

The goal of Materials Science is to provide improved materials for society. Current new materials technologies demand materials scientists and engineers who can relate the processing, structure, and properties of a broad range of materials. The Master’s program offers a foundation in the science of materials and their uses. The Ph.D program offers a development of the student’s ability to conduct original and creative research. The areas of study within the program include:

  1. Materials chemistry – design and synthesis of novel materials by combining chemical architectures that have specific properties, e.g., electrical conductivity, rigidity, flexibility, solubility, etc.
  2. Polymers – interrelations among processing, microstructure and behavior of polymeric solids and thin films.
  3. Electronic materials – electrical, magnetic, optical and thermal behavior of materials, including semiconductors, photovoltaics, superconductors, electro luminescent polymers, and devices.
  4. Composite materials – manufacturing, microstructure, and properties of composite materials, hybrid organic/inorganic materials.
  5. Biomolecular materials – synthesis and characterization of novel chemical architectures that incorporate peptide and nucleotide sequences; bio-inspired materials, protein polymers.
  6. Nanoscale materials – synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of materials at nanometer length scales to create new, emergent properties.

Current UD undergraduate students the BS in Biology, BCHE Chemical Engineering, BS in Chemistry, BCE Civil Engineering, BCpE Computer Engineering, BEE Electrical Engineering, BENV Environmental Engineering, BME Mechanical Engineering, or BS in Physics programs can be considered for admission to the 4+1 MMSE program. A dual degree in the MBA & MMSE programs is available to graduate students.

UD Tuition:

The University of Delaware published graduate student tuition base rate for graduate credit in 2017-18 is $1,770 per credit hour. UD Deans may offer adjustments to students in specific programs that may reduce the per credit costs.

Application Deadline:

January-07 Priority consideration for funding
March-01: Final deadline to apply

November-01 Final deadline to apply

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