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The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers both master’s and doctoral degrees. The graduate program is a PhD focused program consisting of coursework during the first six semesters followed by dissertation research and writing. A limited number of students interested in a terminal MA degree will be admitted. The MA degree is a two-year, 38 credit program.  Students admitted for the MA but who wish to pursue the PhD degree may apply to the PhD program during their second year of the graduate program. The PhD program is a 62 credit program.

Graduate study in the department is organized around the theme of global governance. Global governance may be defined as an approach to politics and public policy that transcends the nation-state and its formal institutions of government. It is global because it recognizes that virtually all problems on the public agenda – environment, security, migration, gender, etc. – transcend in their scope, source, and solution national boundaries. It is governance (rather than government) because non-formal, non-state actors – nongovernmental organizations, interest groups, professional associations, and so forth – have increasingly been accorded legitimacy in rule-making and rule-enforcement. The global governance perspective does not insist that the traditional nation-state has collapsed, or even that such a collapse is inevitable. It does suggest, however, that we will increasingly live in a world characterized by powerful tensions between the formal governmental institutions of individual nation-states on the one hand and a vast array of transnational, non-state forces on the other. It is this tension, with each set of forces laying claim to political legitimacy that will shape the politics of the next century.

UD Tuition:

The University of Delaware published graduate student tuition base rate for graduate credit in 2016-17 is $1,720 per credit hour. UD Deans may offer adjustments to students in specific programs that may reduce the per credit costs.


Application Deadline:

February-01 Final deadline to apply


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