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The School of Education offers a comprehensive master’s/educational specialist degree program to prepare graduates for professional certification in school psychology. The program trains students in (1) direct intervention skills, including counseling and applied behavioral analysis, (2) psychoeducational evaluation of children, using a variety of assessment and diagnostic approaches, (3) prevention, (4) consultation with parents, teachers, and school administrators, and (5) evaluation and research in school settings. The program is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Therefore, students completing the program will qualify for school psychology certification in Delaware and most other states.

The school psychology “program” at the University of Delaware actually consists of two separate, yet closely interrelated, programs: the Specialist program and the Ph.D. program in Education with a specialization in school psychology. Although the two programs have many courses in common, the Ph.D. program provides greater breadth and depth in knowledge domains and competencies. It also places greater emphasis on research skills.

Both programs are based on the Standards for School Psychology Training Programs developed by the National Association of School Psychologists (2010).

The EdS is available to graduate students who successfully complete the MA in School Psychology at UD.

UD Tuition:

The University of Delaware published graduate student tuition base rate for graduate credit in 2016-17 is $1,720 per credit hour. UD Deans may offer adjustments to students in specific programs that may reduce the per credit costs.

DE Resident: $625


Application Deadline:

January-15 Final deadline to apply


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