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University of Delaware

Delaware Historical Society
Evaluation and Site Testing Assistant Position – CDF Freedom School in DE

DEADLINE: May 15, 2017
ACCEPTING FROM: April 20, 2017


The ideal candidate for this Summer 2017 position supporting the CDF Freedom School in DE, which will be hosted at the Delaware Historical Society’s Mitchell Center for African American Heritage in Wilmington, is a current UD graduate student who is interested in the academic and personal development of pre-college students in under-resourced communities.  The successful candidate will support collection of data to document reading achievement and attitudes about school.  The successful candidate will also support examination of a new program model that engages high school students in history research and prepares them for roles as peer interpreters in the museum setting.

Interested candidates must be available for training on Saturday May 20. Program dates are June 26-August 4.  This is a 90 hour position, with pay at $20 per hour.


To apply, write a letter of interest (1.5 pages), detailing why you are interested in the position and how the work will support you in achieving your academic and professional goals.  Make certain to provide your email and telephone contact information.


Nature and Scope

The CDF Freedom Schools program is a literacy-rich summer and after-school program developed to serve children in communities where quality academic enrichment programming is rare, cost-prohibitive or non-existent. The CDF Freedom Schools program features a model Integrated Reading Curriculum (IRC) for reading enrichment, youth leadership development, cultural enrichment, parent empowerment, civic engagement, and social action. In partnership with schools, churches, community-based organizations, and colleges and universities, through the CDF Freedom Schools, the Children’s Defense Fund boosts children’s motivation to read and generates positive attitudes towards learning, while connecting the needs of children and families to the resources of the community. A key goal of the CDF Freedom Schools program is leadership development: identifying, training, nurturing, linking, mobilizing and empowering a new generation of effective, young servant leaders on behalf of children. CDF Freedom Schools programs are staffed primarily by college-aged young adults who are committed to active lives of leadership and service to and on behalf of children.

The Wilmington DE Freedom School Enrolls approximately 100 children and teens in grades 1-11.  In summer 2017, Level 4 Freedom School students (ages 12—15) will be participating in an oral history research and museum education project being piloted with the Delaware Historical Society’s Mitchell Center for African American Heritage.

The Evaluation and Site Testing Assistant works with the Site Testing Manager (STM) to conduct the assessment of children, parents, and Servant Leader Interns at a CDF Freedom Schools program site.  Site Testing Managers administer individual reading assessments, collect surveys, and submit all required data and forms to the Children’s Defense Fund to ensure objectivity and credibility of the Freedom School national initiative.  All test and survey instruments are developed by education specialists and provided by the national office of the Children’s Defense Fund.


  • Participate in all required trainings
  • Assist the Site Testing Manager (STM) in administering individual pre- and post-program reading tests during the first and last weeks of the program.

(20-30 students are randomly selected for the pre- and post- reading assessment, using the Basic Reading Inventory –BRI).

  • Distribute and collect surveys from children during the first and last weeks of the program.
  • Distribute and collect surveys from parents and Servant Leader Interns during the last week of the program
  • Help to maintain communication between the Site Testing Manager (STM), Site Coordinator and Project Director.


  • NOT be affiliated with or employed by the CDF Freedom Schools program.
  • Affiliated with a local sponsor institution: College/University, school district, or other educational/ research institution.
  • Graduate/post-graduate student majoring in education, psychology, or sociology with a particular interest in working with underrepresented children of color and their families.
  • Models positive behavior and attitude, and appropriate professional demeanor.
  • Possesses excellent written and verbal presentation skills.
  • Demonstrates strong appreciation for and understanding of African American cultural history, and respect for contemporary African American interests and learning environments.
  • Exhibits attention to detail and data collection processes.


Send the letter of interest, along with the name and contact information for a UD professor, who is willing to serve as a reference for you, to Dr. Melva Ware,

For more information contact: Melva Ware

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