• Applicants should request all official test scores be reported directly to the University of Delaware. Please know that the ETS University of Delaware institution code is “5811.” YOU ONLY NEED TO SUBMIT THE UNIVERSITY CODE OF 5811. NO DEPARTMENT CODE IS NEEDED FOR OUR INSTITUTION.
  • If your official scores have been received into our main student data system, they will not populate back to your applicant status page for at least 24 hours after submission of your application.
  • It has been our experience that it takes three (3) weeks from the time an applicant requests test scores from ETS for them to be received electronically and then posted as official to your applicant status page (see process outlined above). If you did not plan for the needed time for official scores to be received, and you believe you will not meet your program’s stated deadline for a completed application, you must contact your graduate program directly to see if they will still consider your application.
  • If you have checked all of the above, and still have not seen your test scores, please check for the most common error which is typing the wrong date of birth or gender. Please ensure these were listed exactly the same when you took the test as what you have placed in your application.

GRE Test Scores

The most important thing to know about the GRE at the University of Delaware is that it is an admission requirement set by the graduate programs themselves. If you would like to know whether your particular program of interest requires a GRE and/or what scores they consider acceptable for consideration, please check the program’s website.
*GRE test scores are only valid for five years.

GMAT test scores (if required)

For Applicants: View the GMAT® Program Code List or request for official test scores online at mba.com. GRE & GMAT test scores are only valid for five years from the test date until the date your application is received. Waiver of these tests can only be made by a request from the faculty admission committee to the central graduate admissions office at the time of acceptance.

For Graduate Programs: The Next Generation GMAT contains a new section called Integrated Reasoning (IR). Only the IR component has a “new” reference scale, so no new concordance table will be needed for the other components.

*GMAT test scores are only valid for five years.


TOEFL Requirement

  • The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the standard University requirement to show proof of English language proficiency. The University of Delaware sets the following minimum scores:
  • TOEFL paper-based: Minimum score of 550 (600 for some programs)
    TOEFL IBT: Minimum score 79 (100 for some programs)
  • Applicants are encouraged to provide scores from the Test of Spoken English (TSE) as well as this is a key component of the TOEFL.
  • To find out if your graduate program of interest has a higher minimum score, please contact that department directly.
  • A waiver of the TOEFL exam is only allowed when:
    • A degree has been earned in a country where English is the primary language.
    • A degree has already been earned in the United States.
  • TOEFL scores are valid for two (2) years. Official scores are only marked as received when received directly from ETS. The ETS University of Delaware code is 5811.
  • Self reported or unofficial scores can be reported via the central office for viewing by the graduate department – but will not be marked as official on the applicant’s status page.

IELTS Alternative

  • Some graduate programs will accept IELTS in place of the TOEFL. Please check with your department of interest.
  • The minimum IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score is 6.5 overall with no individual sub-score below 6.0.
  • The same policies for the TOEFL above are relevant for IELTS.
  • IELTS should arrive from IELTS International and be sent directly to our office at: Office of Graduate and Professional Education, 234 Hullihen Hall, Newark, DE 19716.

TOEFL – IELTS Score Comparison Table


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