Dr. James Richards

James Richards

Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education,
Email, (302) 831-2054

A member of the UD faculty since 1980, Richards has served as Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology since 2003 and has held leadership roles in the College of Health Sciences, including terms as deputy dean and associate dean. A former president of the Faculty Senate, he has been active in numerous University-wide committees. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, he earned his master’s degree in biomechanics from UD and his doctoral degree from Indiana University.


Dr. Mary Martin

Mary Martin

Associate Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education,
Email, (302) 831-8916

Mary has served UD in several positions since 1996, most recently as Associate Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education. A former president of the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools and board member, Martin has been active in numerous University-wide committees. She has been honored by the SSIU, American Association of University Administrators and UD. A graduate of Valparaiso University, she earned her master’s degree in business education from Indiana State University and went on to finish her EdD from UD in 2006.



Our Team


David Barczak

Communications Manager,
Email, (302) 831-8169


Bill Barnett

Systems Analyst,
Email, (302) 831-8486


Eileen Burget

Administrative Assistant II,
Email, (302) 831-6319


Dr. Keeley Powell

Keeley Powell

Director, Recruitment and Diversity,
Email, (302) 831-4377


Elizabeth Salisbury

Graduate Services Coordinator,
Email, (302) 831-8484


Mary E. Zielinski

Administrative Assistant II,
Email, (302) 831-8697



Graduate Admissions


Michael Alexo

Email, (302) 831-4573


Sandy Matthews

Administrative Assistant II,
Email, (302) 831-2129


Ann Katorkas

Admissions Associate,
Email, (302) 831-2129


Abigail Molen

Admissions Associate,
Email, (302) 831-2129


Graduate Support

Listed below are the people and the colleges that they support:

Sandy Matthews: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Education & Human Development, Engineering

Ann Katorkis: Arts & Sciences, Earth, Ocean and Environment

Michael Alexo: Business & Economics, Health Sciences



Graduate Assistants


Chris Castillo

Graduate Assistant,
Email, (302) 831-8697


Ryan McCabe

Graduate Assistant,
Email, (302) 831-8697


Tanya Whittle

Graduate Assistant,
Email, (302) 831-8697