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UD certificate program with Christiana Care Health System wins UPCEA award

This award recognizes the outstanding mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources between UD’s Division of Professional and Continuing Studies and Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics and Christiana Care Health System (CCHS) in providing this customized executive education program….

Fat makes coral fit

A new study by researchers including UD's Mark Warner finds that fat makes coral fit to cope with climate change. The researchers reported their findings in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

Studies in Seoul

A team from the University of Delaware School of Public Policy and Administration spent a mid-October week in Seoul, South Korea, learning firsthand about the challenges and successes of building and managing that city of 10 million people.






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November 19, 2015 2:49am
#udgradstudents A special thumbs up for UD's new president.
November 19, 2015 2:47am
#udgradstudents All hands up for the new president!
November 19, 2015 2:45am
#udgradstudents What a great turn out last night. Way to go showing our Graduate Blue Hen Pride!
November 19, 2015 2:24am
Share your presidential graduate blue hen welcome moment at
November 19, 2015 2:23am
Graduate students gather to welcome Dennis Assanis the next president of the UD. See the gallery at:

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The Office of Graduate and Professional Education is committed to facilitating funding and fellowships for the graduate student body. These opportunities, available through university lines, as well as through external foundations and institutions, provide students with vital sources of support in their master’s and doctoral programs. Moreover, fellowships and awards further professional development by funding conference presentations, while expanding horizons through national and international research and travel. In recent years, our graduate students have been awarded a number of nationally and internationally prestigious fellowships. The Office of Graduate and Professional Education works to support and heighten the visibility of our graduate students’ world-class research and scholarship.


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